Compliance Core Suite

Integrated or stand alone, these products use intuitive task-based assignments to prevent, detect and correct noncompliance issues effectively.

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Provides effective documentation and oversight of your compliance work plan and internal controls program. Manage all compliance objectives in one coordinated place.

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Document and track all auditing and monitoring activities to effectively detect and address issues, and potential issues, of noncompliance.  

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Track and monitor corrective action plans and activities demonstrating the end-to-end effectiveness of your overall compliance program.

Products in Compliance Core Suite

Compliance Program Management (CPM)

Holistic, tailored work plans that address the needs and key risks of their organization.

Incident Management System (IMS)

Effective and powerful incident management capabilities.

Guidance Distribution System (GDS)

Distribute, track and document adherence to regulatory guidance.

Policies and Procedures System (P&PS)

A central repository for all policies and procedures to ensure timely review and maintenance of organizational policies and procedures.

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Standardize Workflow


Tracks changes and updates (including approvals).

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Dynamic Documents​


Easy exporting into a clean and printable format.

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Ongoing monitoring and oversight of policies and procedures.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

Increase program compliance, cyber-security oversight and audit readiness of third-party providers with centralized communication, documented workflows and dashboard indicators.

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Delegation assessment and separate risk assessment tools

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Third-party oversight capabilities and First Tier Entity (FTE) oversight fields  

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Easy reporting of vendor list and risks for audits and to your board, regulators and senior leadership