Effective and powerful incident management capabilities, including a built-in, accurate and effective breach assessment tool for privacy and security issues, which require a HIPAA privacy breach determination. The intuitive system allows for users to remain anonymous or to disclose their identity when reporting known or potential issues of noncompliance.  

Compliance team members can assign accountability and ownership to issues reported and seamlessly work through a full investigation using established flows.  The IMS is designed to aid seasoned professionals but is simple enough to use by those new to the field. Streamline your work and reduce the variation in your investigations by adopting this solution.



This module provides intuitive technology for ensuring timely and accurate review and maintenance of your organization's policies and procedures. The system follows the HCC method of task-based assignments so that users can remain aware and accountable for their work.  Using PPM you can rest assured that any version control nightmares will be ended as all work is completed right in the system, including any individual or committee approvals required.



The CPM allows you to automate and organize your entire compliance program to meet the needs of your organization. At the core of an effective compliance program is an easy-to-use and functional work plan. The CPM solution guides the compliance team into building a work plan to address the needs and key risks of the organization. The solution also supports effective reporting to the audit committee or board of directors. The solution is intuitive for both compliance and business users. 

Using the fields requested by CMS during audits, auditing and monitoring efforts can easily be maintained and tracked. The system supports monitoring as a continuous control, using the module to effectively support collaboration with the business to detect compliance risks associated with in your organization's operations.



The GDS is an easy to use mechanism for distributing regulatory guidance throughout the organization which require action steps by business users. The tool aids the compliance team in distributing guidance and in the collection of acknowledgements of receipt or demonstrating implementation of the guidance. Intuitive and practical for use, but extremely effective in ensuring nothing gets missed and all is appropriately tracked and documented. Guidance at your State or the Federal level, can be easily tracked and managed through this solution.  An effective framework and feedback flows are built within the tool and guidance can be easily distributed.



The module has built in logic and capability to adequately monitor and provide complete third-party oversight of delegated entities and other vendors, which partner with your organization.  The tool is designed with the fields requested during a CMS audit, but also contains many additional features to support your end to end management of your vendors.  Store your vendor contracts, track your renewal dates, and closely monitor your service level agreements (SLA's).

Successful Work Team


The Contract Management module supports end to end workflow for all contract needs from RFP to an executed contract. Using the built-in system workflows, easily manage the following:

  • RFP approvals and management

  • Cross Functional Sign-Offs and Reviews

  • Renewals through Automated System Notifications

  • Contract Organization and Retrieval

  • Security Reviews and Sanction Screenings