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Empowering Healthcare Organizations to Conquer Compliance Confidently

Incident Management System (IMS)

IMS offers robust capabilities for managing Compliance, Privacy, and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse incidents. Our advanced technology ensures efficient and effective incident management, reducing non-compliance risk and safeguarding your organization's reputation. The system features a breach assessment tool for privacy and security issues, ensuring compliance with HIPAA requirements, and a prescriptive fraud assessment that saves time and resources by enabling organized and systematic investigations

Guidance Distribution System (GDS)

GDS is a user-friendly platform for distributing regulatory guidance that requires action by business users. This innovative tool simplifies the distribution process and aids in the collection of acknowledgments of receipt or demonstrations of implementation of the guidance. With the GDS, compliance teams can efficiently distribute guidance to the right personnel and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to comply with regulatory requirements.

Compliance Work plan (CPM)

CPM solution provides an automated and organized approach to creating a comprehensive compliance work plan tailored to the specific needs of your organization. With our innovative technology, you can be confident that your compliance program is always up-to-date and optimized to meet regulatory requirements. Our CPM solution streamlines compliance processes, reduces non-compliance risk, and saves time and resources.

Policy & Procedures (P&P)

P&P module provides intuitive technology for the timely and accurate review and maintenance of your organization's policies and procedures. Our system utilizes the HCC method of task-based assignments to ensure user accountability and awareness of responsibilities. With this innovative module, you can streamline your policy and procedure management process, save time and resources, and reduce non-compliance risk. The user-friendly interface allows for easy review and updates, with comprehensive revision tracking and record-keeping capabilities.

Contract Management System (CMS)

Contract Management module offers an end-to-end workflow solution for all your contract needs, from RFP to executed contract. With our innovative technology, all the associated workflow tasks, including pre-vendor onboarding tasks such as IT security reviews and sanction screening checks, are automated for your convenience.

Vendor Management System

Third-Party Oversight module provides complete monitoring and oversight of delegated entities and other vendors partnering with your organization. The module is designed with the fields requested during a CMS audit, with additional features to support end-to-end management of your vendors. Store vendor contracts, track renewal dates, and closely monitor service level agreements (SLAs) with our innovative tool. The built-in logic and capabilities ensure comprehensive third-party oversight, reducing risk and improving compliance.

GDSApps - Custom Software Development

For in-depth insights into our software development capabilities, we invite you to explore our partner company's dedicated page.

Why Choose Healthcare Compliance Core

At Healthcare Compliance Core, we integrate seamlessly with your existing ecosystem to provide comprehensive compliance solutions that are tailored to your organization's unique needs. Our cloud-based technology, advanced analytics, customizable applications, and expert customer support make us the ideal partner for achieving compliance success.

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