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Guidance Distribution System (GDS)


Introducing the GDS, an easy-to-use mechanism designed to distribute regulatory guidance throughout your organization, complete with action steps for business users. This powerful tool allows your compliance team to distribute guidance, collect acknowledgments of receipt, and demonstrate the implementation of guidance, ensuring that nothing is missed and everything is tracked and documented appropriately.

Our solution is intuitive and practical, providing an effective framework and feedback flows for distributing guidance at both the state and federal levels. With the GDS, managing and tracking regulatory guidance has always been challenging.

The GDS is built with a robust framework that allows for the effective distribution of guidance, with feedback flows ensuring that all stakeholders are informed of progress. The tool also aids in collecting acknowledgments of receipt, demonstrating the implementation of guidance, and providing compliance teams with a comprehensive view of guidance management.

Our system is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for compliance teams and business users to navigate the tool and manage guidance easily. The GDS is the perfect solution for ensuring that all regulatory guidance is tracked and managed effectively, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential regulatory penalties.

Value for the users
  • Easy to review assignments and respond to implications of guidance 
    Email alerts to your inbox when guidance is assigned and due dates are approaching

  • Ability to search and review responses from other users
    Eliminates the need for cumbersome and manual spreadsheets

Value for the compliance team
  • ssign prospective guidance to gather and organize comments for submission during legislative comment periods

  • Assign and monitor passed guidance through the implementation phase within your organization

  • Easy to navigate repository of all guidance and organization action plans 

  • Eliminates spreadsheets and manual work

  • Increase overall compliance and enforce accountability across the organization

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