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Compliance Work Plan 

The compliance work plan is at the center of every effective compliance program, serving as the guardrails for success within your organization.  For Medicare Advantage companies, Chapters 9 and 21 of the Managed Care Manual clearly demonstrates the need and value associated with the compliance work plan.  Furthermore, in the most recent Medicare Advantage program audits, CMS has specifically requested a copy of the work plan when auditing health plans. They want to see HOW you're enforcing compliance within your organization, which is easily established through your work plan.

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So how do you start to build an effective work plan?

What can you do to improve your current performance and manual processes associated with tracking your plans compliance? 

Partner with Healthcare compliance Core (HCC), where compliance is made easy through initiative systems and integrated technology.  Our software prompts you to build a work plan in the core areas required, with the seven elements of an effective compliance program as the guide to help you along the way. After your plan is built, the system will prompt your business leaders to complete their projects and tasks or respond to audit questions.  The entire plan is built, tracked and recorded in a highly organized fashion.

Finally, just click the easy button for a full report of your plan, accountabilities and action steps when the auditors come knocking at your door!

Compliance Program Manager (CPM)

The CPM allows you to automate and organize your entire compliance program to meet the needs of your organization. At the core of an effective compliance program is an easy-to-use and functional work plan. The CPM solution guides the compliance team into building a work plan to address the needs and key risks of the organization. The solution also supports effective reporting to the audit committee or board of directors. The solution is intuitive for both compliance and business users. 
Using the fields requested by CMS during audits, auditing and monitoring efforts can easily be maintained and tracked. The system supports monitoring as a continuous control, using the module to effectively support collaboration with the business to detect compliance risks associated with in your organization's operations.

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Value for the Users:

  • Easy to identify work assigned through personalized dashboards

  • Easy to work through tasks and attach documentation or make comments to work assigned

  • Easy to document oversight tasks and results of monitoring assignments

Business Team

Value for the Compliance Team:

  • Built in projects and ability to completely customize your work plan

  • Easy reporting for the board of directors or regulators

  • Simple to assign projects to users within the organization

  • Easy to monitor progress and overdue tasks through dashboards and easy to run reports

  • Reduce manual work and stay ahead of deadlines

  • Eliminate unnecessary emails and spreadsheets to increase the effectiveness of your work plan

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