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Compliance Work Plan

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The compliance work plan is at the core of every successful compliance program, serving as the guardrail for effective organizational compliance. For Medicare Advantage companies, the importance of the compliance work plan is demonstrated in Chapters 9 and 21 of the Managed Care Manual. The most recent Medicare Advantage program audits conducted by CMS specifically request a copy of the work plan when auditing health plans. This highlights the critical nature of a well-designed work plan in demonstrating how compliance is being enforced within your organization.

A comprehensive work plan not only provides an effective framework for ensuring compliance but also serves as a vital tool for demonstrating to CMS and other regulatory bodies that your organization is taking compliance seriously. By establishing clear policies and procedures within the work plan and documenting how they are being implemented and enforced, health plans can demonstrate their commitment to compliance and reduce the risk of potential regulatory penalties.

Starting Your Work Plan: Key Considerations and Action Steps

Are you struggling with manual compliance tracking processes? Are you looking for a simpler, more efficient way to manage your compliance program? Look no further than Healthcare Compliance Core (HCC).

HCC offers initiative systems and integrated technology that make compliance easy. Our software guides you through building a comprehensive work plan in the core areas required, using the seven elements of an effective compliance program as a framework.

Once your plan is built, the HCC system prompts your business leaders to complete their projects and tasks, or respond to audit questions. The entire plan is tracked and recorded in a highly organized fashion, making it easy to monitor progress and ensure accountability.

And when auditors come knocking at your door, simply click the "easy button" for a full report of your plan, accountabilities, and action steps. With HCC, compliance is no longer a headache - it's a streamlined and efficient process that helps you stay ahead of the game.

Value for the users
  • Easy to identify work assigned through personalized dashboards

  • Easy to work through tasks and attach documentation or make comments to work assigned

  • Easy to document oversight tasks and results of monitoring assignments

Value for the compliance team
  • Built in projects and ability to completely customize your work plan

  • Easy reporting for the board of directors or regulators

  • Simple to assign projects to users within the organization

  • Easy to monitor progress and overdue tasks through dashboards and easy to run reports

  • Reduce manual work and stay ahead of deadlines

  • Eliminate unnecessary emails and spreadsheets to increase the effectiveness of your work plan

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