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Incident Management System (IMS)

Effective and powerful incident management capabilities for your Compliance, Privacy and Fraud, Waste and Abuse investigators. The system includes a built-in, accurate and effective breach assessment tool for privacy and security issues, which require a HIPAA privacy breach determination. The system is also formatted with a prescriptive fraud assessment to complete investigations in a organized and systematic way.

The intuitive system allows for users to remain anonymous or to disclose their identity when reporting known or potential issues of noncompliance or Fraud, Waste and Abuse.  

Investigations team members can assign accountability and ownership to issues reported and seamlessly work through a full investigation using established flows.  The IMS is designed to aid seasoned professionals but is simple enough to use by those new to the field. Streamline your work and reduce the variation in the documentation of your investigations by adopting this solution.

Business Team

Value for the users

  • Easy to report issues of known or potential noncompliance to the compliance department, either anonymously or by disclosing your identity.

  • Allows users to add additional information to previously reported incidents through the use of a tracking number.

Business Meeting

Value for the compliance team

  • Built-in login for organizing complex investigations in four easy steps.

  • Creates consistency among investigators.

  • Serves as historical repository for investigations.

  • Built-in OCR compliant breach assessment tool.

  • Built-in compliance assessment addressing the primary issues of noncompliance which require documentation during investigations.

  • Easy reporting for your senior leadership, board of directors or regulators.

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