Increase compliance program effectiveness

HCC unified platform is a single place for your team to manage all aspects of your Governance, Risk and Compliance program.

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HCC offers seamless, scalable healthcare compliance solutions for a complex, changing regulatory world.

Current compliance tools and processes are cumbersome and time consuming.

Regulatory changes happen …a lot

Managing implementation of new guidance can be a challenge when relying on clunky email and manual processes.

Spreadsheets Don’t Always Cut it


Manual process equal increased opportunities for overlook deadlines and document actions dramatically increase when relying on manual processes.

Audits drain time and resources

Compliance spends hours manually tracking down information and assembling reports.

Healthcare Compliance Core (HCC) offers a SaaS (software as a service) platform for modern compliance security and professionals. Our mission is to provide the core solutions required to maximize your program and increase compliance across your organization, at a price you can manage.


Our product helps compliance professionals distribute and track regulatory guidance, manage and investigate reported incidents, create and manage policies & procedures and produce and monitor their annual work plan, all while increasing the engagement levels of the business.  

We also offer several products to manage your third party risk. 

GRC platform

At HCC, we agree, compliance and security is everyone’s responsibility!